A Magnificent City

I’ve travelled to many cities in the central part of Mexico, giving me a good perspective on life in areas both large and small. Each city has it’s own distinct identity—some even have unique specialties in food, arts, and culture. Querétaro is one of these, and is among the most beautiful cities I’ve seen in Mexico. The city center has even been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. I’m always impressed of the landscape in Mexico beyond the big cities—it can look like some places I’ve been to in Europe and the USA, but definitely has it’s own character. Make no mistake, this country is vast. I know I’ve only just scratched the surface.

When strolling the city’s colorful streets, they get pretty quiet once you leave the more touristy areas. It’s amazing how many buildings have these intricate patterns on their walls, doors, and windows. Every corner has this feeling of pride in the care and attention put to these physical surroundings.

At the edges of the historic city center, you can get a good view of the old aqueduct. It cuts through a pretty sizable area of the city, extending to 1,280 meters. Built in the early 1700’s, it was mean to carry fresh spring water into the city. Modern buildings, roads, and power lines have sprung up around it since, but it’s been preserved rather nicely over the years. Views like this in Mexico are always amazing to me—being able to walk around a city with structures that are several hundred years old is a very special thing.